Annual summer flowers bloom fully for one year and then disappear. Tub plants should be overwintered inside and perennials can stay outside all year round. Perennials do need to be put in a winter-proof pot. Below, we have made a selection of plants which are perfect for a sun terrace.

Blue plants in pots
There are many blue plants that you can put in pots on your terrace. The helitrope gives off a wonderful fragrance and also attracts butterflies to your terrace. The African lily is perfect on a trendy terrace. The flowers of this plant are so beautifully pronounced that they are often put in a square pot. The crested lavender is also great on the terrace, partly because of its wonderful fragrance.

Heliotrope (Heliotropium), annual summer flower
Lobelia, an annual summer bedding plant
Ironheart (Verbena), annual summer flowering plant
Ageratum, annual summer flowering plant
African lily (Agapanthus), tub plant
Crested lavender (Lavandula stoechas), shrub
Sage (Salvia patens), annual summer-flowering or tub plant
Petunia, annual summer-flowering plant

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